What Your Donation Does:
$ 30.00 - Feeds one Veteran

$ 65.00 - Pays Tour Bus and Food

$ 400.00 - Pays for Flight, Food and Bus for one Veteran

$ 10,000.00 - Pays for a flight of 25 Veterans (one bus)

$ 20,000.00 - Pays for a flight of 50 Veterans (two buses)(We fill a 55 seat bus in DC.)

Please note that guardians pay their own way & expenses.
Your much appreciated donation to Honor Flight is tax deductible.

All donations are used to cover the costs of sending our veterans to their memorial. TIN# 26-3891965
If this is a Memorial donation and you would like the family notified,please call Virginia Bennett At 631-702-2423


Just under 500 WWII Veterans a day are dying nationwide.


Since 2007, HONOR FLIGHT has successfully flown over 120,500 WWII Vets from various hubs nationwide  to see their memorial for FREE. We have sent over 1200! 


Approximately 1 million vets are living nationwide. We have approximately 40,000 still living on Long Island. 


It took nearly 60 years to dedicate a Memorial in Washington to our Greatest Generation

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is proud to be a part of this national nonprofit organization. Our mission is to see that all of Long Island’s WWII and Korean War Veterans get a chance to see their memorial.  Please help us give the men and women of our Greatest Generation the thank you they deserve before it’s too late! Our mission is urgent.

Throughout the Honor Flight Trip

The WWII and Korean War Veterans are recognized, admired and thanked for their service. They come home knowing how much their country loves them and appreciates them. Veterans never forget this gratitude and adoration.

"The Greatest Generation" deserves nothing less.

Trips are simply not possible without public support. Prior to the Honor Flight Network, our veterans had given up hope of ever seeing their WWII Memorial. Now they have hope... but time is not on our side. This mission is urgent!