Honor Flight Long Island

"A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces
but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers." John F. Kennedy


Guardians are essential to the success of the Honor Flight Program. Without these volunteers we would not be able to carry out the dreams of so many WW II veterans, enabling them to see the memorials built in their honor.

Typically during our trips, we assign one guardian to one veteran. If a veteran is using a wheelchair for the day,which is usually the case, he or she will have an able-bodied guardian to assist throughout the day.

At the airport: Once the veterans start to arrive, guardians, who should have already checked in, will meet their assigned veteran, ensure boarding passes are in hand and IDs are available, Help your veteran with his T-shirt and make sure he has his photo taken by the HFLI photographer. Grab goody bags from the VFW Ladies Auxiliary table and make sure you both get a copy of Where You Served booklet. Next its through airport security and up to the gate to wait for boarding instructions.

From the moment the veterans are in our hands until we return them to their loved ones at the end of the day, guardians will be asked to treat these heroes as if they are family and ensure that every veteran has a safe, memorable, and rewarding experience.

Guardians are volunteers.

They are asked to make a suggested donation of $400 to Honor Flight Long Island to assist with expenses.

It can be submitted via US Postal Service or scanned and emailed to Vee Bennett. If you have any other questions about becoming a Guardian, please contact us at (631)702-2423 or use the Email form on the Contact Page.

Applications can also be picked up in the Human Services Office, Southampton Town Hall, 116 Hampton Road in Southampton.


Where would this country, or the world for that matter, be without the dedication and services of those young men and women we call American veterans. Throughout history, our nation has turned to our military to protect others so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we cherish today. These brave men and women were not making decisions about the right or wrong of war; they were following orders and doing what they were told. We owe so much to these veterans whose sacrifices can not be captured in a few words, many paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country, many carrying scars that will remain for the rest of their lives.

It is truly Honor Flight's privilege to fly our heroes to Washington, DC to visit and reflect at the memorials built in their honor. Our highest priority is to the aging WW II veterans along with any veteran facing terminal illness. Other veterans such as the Korean and Vietnam troops will be included in our program once once we've taken care of all of the WWIIs who want to participate.

If you know of a WW II veteran or a veteran who has a terminal illness, please fill out an application and send it in. Every WW II veteran flies free. We will not accept any donation from a WW II veteran.

From all the volunteers with Honor Flight, we are extremely pleased to support these flights for our veterans as a small token of our appreciation.

HONOR FLIGHT - a flight for our heroes to see THEIR memorials with HONOR!!!

World War II Veterans who have not seen their memorial, must complete and submit an application. The applications are dated when they're received. Veterans are invited to participate on a first-come-first-served basis. Please encourage all WWII veterans to submit an application to get on the waiting list.

Applications can also be picked up in the Human Services Office, Southampton Town Hall, 116 Hampton Road in Southampton, or call  (631) 702-2423.